When is the Best Time to get a Braology Certified Bra Fit?

Why Braology Certified Matters!

         A Braology Certified bra fitting can change your body's shape instantly.  It's healthier and cheaper than plastic surgery but works just as well.  A proper fitted bra will give you comfort and a proportional shapeliness.  Usually our customers can buy a smaller shirt size after being properly fitted.  Seeing is believing and we can make a believer out of you too.  Since we understand the enormous value a Braology Certified fit offers, the answer to the question "When is the best time for a Braology Certified bra fit?" is "NOW!"   There's no better time than now to improve your health, appearance and several other aspects of your life... Yes, with a bra fit, but only with a Braology Certified fit expert.  Not all bra fits are created equal, Braology is the standard in bra fit!

1.  Anytime you're feeling a little depressed or could just use a self-esteem boost.

Let's face it, we're women, we probably all feel that way to some degree once a week or so but if it's a slump you find yourself in and you know some kind of change is needed, try a Braology Certified bra fit.  Wearing the correct size bra greatly improves your posture and correcting your posture, forcing you to stand straighter and not carry your body in a depressed slump is a great first step.  In addition to that you look thinner, more proportionally shapely, and when we look good we feel good.  At Braology our mission is to educate women and empower them to live their lives in the shape they were born to have.  A bra fit is a quick and easy step but one that has a huge and lasting impact.  Give Braology a try and start fresh today.

2.  When you have an important job interview or need to make a great first impression.

Braology Certified First Impressions
Ever seen those "Spot the Difference" games?  They show two pictures that are mostly the same and have a few tiny differences.  Wether we do it intentionally or not our eyes are drawn to differences.  Usually we don't even know we're doing it but when we visually size someone up they're often described by their differences: mole on the chin, overweight, crooked nose.  Our eyes are drawn to the oddity to create uniqueness and help our brains differenciate between things.  Good differences are awesome.  "She had great posture, showed such confidence!"  Some differences we can't change easily like hair color or visible health issues.  When wanting to make a good impression we try to minimize our negative features and highlight our best qualities.  A Braology Certified fit can change the way others perceive you by eliminating many negative differences in body shape.  By proportionally placing your breasts, regardless of their size, your waist is more defined and it brings all attention to your face where you want it.  If you want to put your best foot (and self) forward get a Braology Certified bra fit!

3.  Trying to loose weight?  Resolved not to buy and new clothes because you've just about gotten too big for all the clothes you own? 

Start your weightless journey with Braology
Best time to BUY A GOOD BRA!  Make the investment and buy the right size bra after a Braology Certified fitting.  You'll look better, you'll feel more energized because you look better and you'll be encouraged to improve your new shape even more.  Your tops that were getting tight will all fit much better after your Braology Certified fitting.  A properly sized bra will give you an awesome start to your weight loss journey.  Set yourself up for success with Braology!

4. A first bra.

A Braology Certified fit and class or party is a great gift idea for the growing young lady in your life.  Start her out knowing the healthiest way to treat her body from the start by educating her on the intricacies of wearing a bra.  If you're lucky, she'll never know the pain and frustration you saved her.

5.  Bridal Party Make Over

Rock those dresses with brand new shapes, the shapes you were each born to have.  The Braology Fit Celebration Parties make fantastic bridal shower gifts or bachelorette party ideas.  You'll have all your guests wondering if you own a magic wand.

6.  Celebrating a new baby is a great time for a Braology Certified bra fit.

Celebrate Mommyhood with Braology!
Yes, your breasts are in a changing stage and the last thing you think about is feeling sexy after a new baby.  That is exactly why you should invest in a great fitting bra for you and your new ever changing body.  The correct fit will minimize friction on your tender nipples and maintain a proper cleanliness for baby too.  Being Mom is a great reason to take care of yourself and make sure you still remember the beautiful and vibrant woman your baby sees.

7.   When your bra is uncomfortable, or painful it is a sure sign that you need to change your bra size.

A bra is supposed to be comfortable and you shouldn't need to touch it at all throughout the day.  If any part of your bra is uncomfortable get a Braology Certified bra fit and change the way you wear a bra.

8.  Because it is Time!

Is it time for your Braology Certified bra fit?
Our bodies constantly change and since a bra is a very structured garment you should get a Braology Certified fit every 6 months or 20 pounds of weight gain or loss.  Is it time for you?