Benefits Of A Good Fitting Bra

How can a Braology Certified Bra Fit Improve your life?  

Before and After

Before and After

Here's a list of ways...

A correctly fitted bra will-

-Improve your posture.

-Eliminate shoulder and back pain related to breast size.

-Lower your risk of heart attack.

-Instantly make you look up to 20 pounds smaller.

-Allow clothes to fit better in any shape or style.

-Improve your emotional health and self-image.

-Improve the firmness and fullness of your breasts.

-Save you money by only buying bras that you will use.

-Help you create a great first impression on others.

-Mean you never again have to wear an uncomfortable bra.

-Improve your outlook on life!


Which of these benefits are you looking to see in your life? Let us know in the comments.  Before you opt for surgical procedures try simply correcting your bra fit and watch the years and weight disappear and your confidence soar!  If your bra isn't working for you instead of against you follow our blog series, Bra Knowledge- Fact vs Fiction, and learn how to get the best from your bras.