Bra Fit Measuring- The Science

The Science of a Perfect Bra Fit!

    Like with most things there is a correct way to wear a bra.  Little is open to interpretation when you’re talking about a perfect fit.  There is actually a ton of technology and science that goes into making a bra, Unlike a T-shirt it’s designed to fit a specific way.  More like a shoe, it’s crafted to fit your body in specific places for proper shape and support.  You can wear a shoe, 2 sizes too big or too small but it would be uncomfortable and painful, deform your foot over time and cause health issues through your whole body due to the lack of proper support.  A bra is supposed to fit in this way as well and can equally affect the health of your body.

Bra Fit

    The science gives a certain amount of rules to provide your best and healthiest fit.  One of those rules is the way your size is determined…by measuring.  Measuring is defined by American English Dictionary as, “to discover the exact size, amount, etc., of something or to be of a particular size.”  Braology believes in this definition and precisely measures, which allows Braology to create the bra fit standard.  Many bra fit experts out there don’t rely on exact measurements.  They often measure too loosely, in the wrong places, or in the worst cases…guess your size.  A Braology certified fit expert can likely guess your size as well but we always measure as looks can be deceiving, and science is fact.  After decades of working in this industry we’ve seen it all.  If you’re measured ¼” below where you should be measured it doesn’t seem like much but we’re all larger under our bra at the top of our tummy’s than we are at the base of our breasts where we wear (or should wear) our bras. That ¼ inch can add up to several inches off when multiplied by the circumference of your body.  The “exact” place and secured measurement is incredibly important to a Braology Certified Bra Fit.  Science says there is a correct way and there is a wrong way to wear a bra.  If the science is ignored there will be consequences in health, painfulness and/or appearance.  Since 90% of women wear the wrong size it’s no wonder so many women complain about their painful, ill fitting bras.

Bra Fit Questions

    We recently polled men and asked them what garment women most complained about and the top answer by far was their bra.  We know this is a problem for women, stop the cycle and make the changes to enjoy wearing bras.  In the comments share your bra fit stories, victories and horror stories, we want to hear them.  Over the next few weeks we'll be continuing our series on Bra Knowledge- Fact vs Fiction. Sign up to follow our blog or get our weekly newsletter to stay up to date and informed.  Share this series with your friends so we can help all of womankind together! #JoinTheBRAvolution