Bigger Breasts Without Surgery

Yes you CAN!

Yes you CAN!

So here's the little secret no one is sharing... You're bra is causing you to look flat chested and fatter!  It's true.  Look at this woman in the above picture.  For starters, she's not wearing a shirt so she looks a little shapelier.  Look again though, look at the cup on this bra. That cup is designed to contain the breast but this one is clearly not and women wear their bras this way most of the time.  Look at where the wire sits on the side of her breast.  If you were to draw a circle around the full breast tissue you'd draw it going clear to her arm even though the wire stops far short of that and is poking her in the side of her breast. Between her strap and her arm you can see the full breast tissue compared to her skin near her underarm, it's bigger in her bra because that is all breast tissue that she is wearing in the band of this bra.  This is more of a nipple holder for her.  

This picture below shows where a correctly fitting cup will be on the breast.  When you follow the wire on this bra you can tell it goes completely under her arm and  covers all of her breast tissue in the cup.  It helps her band to only hold her back and no breast tissue (like it should be). This will help her breasts to look fuller and shapelier, since they aren't being squeezed into the band and under her arm. This allows her back size to look smaller since she's not including breast tissue in the band but instead is keeping it all proportional like it should be.  It makes a much more dynamic difference with a shirt on.  Most women we work with can purchase a smaller size top and they are amazed at the volume and shapeliness of their breasts.  If you think you have small breasts really check into getting a bra fit, a Braology Certified Bra Fit if possible.  There's a good chance you have more breasts than you think and we can show you how to dress them to highlight your assets!

The most common band sizes for women is 26- 34 (Yes, 34 is the largest in this average fitting a size 14/16 shirt).  The most common cup size for women should be between F cup size and K cup size. There is no A, B or C cup size, they don't exist on human bodies.  My 11 year old daughter is an F Cup size.  Because of the problem illustrated in these two pictures F is MUCH, MUCH smaller than you would think.

Why is this happening?  The industry makes a hugely inadequate amount of sizes.Click here and-  Check out this blog post about the history and  industry.