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How can you make your woman more confident in the bedroom?

Short Answer:  Sexy Lingerie!

According to women's health magazine 89% of women surveyed said that these special sets of sexy lingerie make them feel more sexually confident.  When shopping for her sexy something don't overthink it.  Share with her why you chose it and why you are excited to see her in it, then she'll love it.  She'll love it because you made her feel sexy even before she puts it on.  

Buying her sexy, racy lingerie that is out of character for her is a bit like putting on a costume.  Remember being a young boy and stepping into that superhero costume on halloween that made you feel stronger and more confident?  A woman who slips into a sexy 'costume' for her man feels a similar rush of super power, but a much more sexy one!  This allows us girls to be more confident because it feels like a character we're playing and therefore less personally responsible for our naughty behavior.  We suddenly don't have the added pressure of wondering how we look or act or feel or the zillion other insecurities that race through our heads as we strip off our clothes and slide next to you beneath the sheets.  Instead for just the next few hours we get to be your sexy super hero and your naughtiest desires are our mission.

Even more importantly to her than the size you buy, the color, the style or what you buy is that you took the time to shop for her, brave the lingerie stores that even intimidate us and buy something special for her.  Your time and intention are the most special part of your gift to her, whatever fun lingerie you happen to choose.  So don't be afraid to do it just right... highlight your effort by taking the time to wrap it or display it neatly.  It's a small step for you but it shows her an extra (often unexpected) effort that will earn you some serious bonus points!

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