BRAvolution Class

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Braology graduate.jpg

BRAvolution Class

from 35.00

A large group class to teach the science of a perfect fit.  When you’ve completed this class you’ll have learned everything you need to know to help you wear,  shop for and even love bras! Buy your ticket now for our next class and join the BRAvolution!

$30 for class     2 hrs 

$25 for the bra fit (purchased day of event)

$45 for class and bra fit purchased in advance.

With or Without BRA fit:
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BRAvolution Class takes 2 - 3 hours

We provide a variety of locations in New York City and offer classes monthly with limited number of tickets available.

Call 718-864-9993 for more information about upcoming dates and locations.  Call to schedule your BRAvolution Class today!